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We Are a Comprehensive-Service Accounting Firm That Takes Care of Personal Taxes, Corporate Taxes, GST/HST Filings, Payrolls and Bookkeeping. Our team is always by your side and committed to help you anytime.
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We are a team of professional who believes in excellence on service.
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Paragon Accounting offers a wide range of services and ensure it caters to all your needs. With our extensive knowledge and understanding of the taxation system, you can rest assured that your personal and business taxes are completed correctly and maximize your available tax credits.
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Paragon is a professional accounting firm that provides expert help in personal and corporate tax preparation, income tax planning, accounting/bookkeeping, GST/HST return and incorporate/register a business. Our expert professional accountants take care of all your financial needs and have a proven track record of satisfying our clients.
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"Your personalized approach and care have improved my financial planning. I highly value your services and attention to detail in crafting financial plans."
Emily S.
Developper Mangala
"I'm extremely satisfied with your services! Your meticulous financial planning helped me manage my assets efficiently and achieve my financial goals."
Alexander D.
Creator PosiMen
"Your services have left me thoroughly impressed! Thanks to your meticulous financial planning, I've efficiently managed my assets and reached my goals."
David P.
Designer Avitex
"I am incredibly pleased with your services! Your meticulous approach to financial planning has been a crucial factor in effectively managing my assets."
Peter P.
CEO TechNav
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